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Workshop Training Materials

Did you miss us at one of our recent conference workshops? We recorded our presentations from a virtual workshop at the American Society of Mammalogists, and we have posted them here so that you can get caught up! Here, you'll find resources for implementing each module, adapting them to your classroom, and assessing your students' learning gains and experiences!


This overview video describes some of the benefits of Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences, barriers to developing new CUREs in ecology and the field sciences, and how Squirrel-Net modules can help overcome these barriers.

Module Introductions

These four videos provide an introduction to each of the four Squirrel-Net modules, including an overview of the protocols and datasets, tips for implementation in the classroom, and ideas for assessment.

Adapting the Modules

In these two videos, we provide tips and tricks to adapt the Squirrel-Net modules to your class size and level, including suggestions for scaffolding modules across the curriculum.


Here, we provide an overview of assessment for CUREs, tips on assessment adaptations for the Squirrel-Net modules, and a brief summary of how Squirrel-Net is assessing student gains in content knowledge and science identity across our network.

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