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How do I request access to educational materials? Can I review them without implementing them?

-Fill out this Request Access form and we will help you get access. You can certainly review them without implementing them.


I have a question that I'd like to discuss with someone at Squirrel-Net. How can I set up a meeting?

-We now have a page where you can sign up for a virtual meeting anytime that works for one of the Squirrel-Net nuts. Check it out here:

Can I adapt materials or use parts, but not all, of modules?

-Yes, you may use the modules however they fit best into your classes and labs.


Can modules be used with animals other than squirrels?

-Yes, our modules can be easily adapted to a wide variety of vertebrates.

My students have collected data. How can I access the national dataset?​

-To access the national dataset, you will need to agree to the terms of a MOU. This helps protect the data collected by other researchers and protect the the data you collect as well. Please visit the Request Access form to access the data sets and data submission forms associated with each module.


Can I publish a research paper using data from the national dataset?

-The answer is this depends. Reach out to us and let's discuss options.


How do I acknowledge Squirrel-Net?​

-Please contact us and we will provide a citation.


Are students covered under a Squirrel-Net IACUC/AUP/IRB Approval or do we need to apply through our own institutions?

-All IACUC permitting needs to be done through your own institution. Use of Squirrel-Net materials does not include permit coverage for animals and/or students. However, we do provide examples of protocols that you can modify for submission to your institution’s IACUC/AUP/IRB Approval.

If you are participating in our NSF-funded study and your students are completing our assessments, then you will be covered under our IRB protocol. We will just need a letter of support from your institution's IRB office. Please contact us for more details.


Is there equipment we can rent from Squirrel-Net to implement the modules (Telemetry equipment)?

-There will be soon! We are working on setting up an equipment loan program for telemetry equipment and camera traps for the population estimation modules. The only condition for using equipment is that you agree to run our assessments with your students. Please contact us for more information.


Are there workshops available for training in the modules?

-Yes! We have two workshops scheduled with the 2021 Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology and 2021 American Society of Mammalogists conferences, both of which will be held virtually. Check back to our website for updated information on dates and times of the workshops.

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