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Resources for finding squirrels & study sites

To use any Squirrel-Net module, you will first need to identify a squirrel species in nearby habitats Below is a list of resources that may be helpful in this respect.


Image by Andrey Svistunov

You will also need to identify a suitable field site for conducting the lesson activities. At a minimum, we recommend that sites be publicly accessible and that animals are reliably detectable at the site. Consider trying to find a location where ~ 10 animals will be visible or detectable during the activity in an area that can be accessed by your students. For species that hibernate or estivate, you may need to learn more about the animals’ seasonal schedule and plan activities accordingly to coincide with periods when animals will be active.


Additional module-specific resources (e.g., sample IACUC protocols, national datasets, etc.) are available by request! To access the full suite of teaching materials and resources, please use this form: Request Access

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