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Join our Research Team!

Squirrel-Net has received NSF funding and is looking for collaborators! We need your help in assessing the value of our teaching modules and, more generally, Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs). All you need to do is use one of our modules, ask your students to complete the 10-minute pre- and post-assessment surveys, and take a 15-minute instructor survey. By participating, you will gain access to: an extensive set of teaching materials, assistance from the Squirrel-Net team, a national network of students and student-collected data, and our equipment loan program.


Please click here for more information or to sign-up!

Below are some of the benefits to participating in this research for you and your students!

Benefits to Instructors
Benefits to Students
Participation in a national science community!
Participation in a national science community!
Evidence of service outreach and teaching development for merit and retention decisions.
Field and/or behavioral observation experience with small mammals to use on a resume or job interview.
Participation in Squirrel-Net’s equipment loan program for running modules.
Experience with data analysis and interpretation.
Access to a national database of student-collected data, allowing students to test broader hypotheses compared to data collected in one place or at one time.
Access to a national database of student-generated data, enabling the testing of creative and interesting student-driven hypotheses.
New teaching lab(s) to add to your curriculum that is fully developed and vetted at numerous institutions.
Through exposure to data from local/regional/national squirrels, an increased awareness of species and ecosystem diversity.
Connection to a national community of instructors, including authors of the modules, who can provide additional support.
Connection to a national community of other students working on the same research project.
Access to four labs, readily adaptable to online teaching.
A hands-on scientific lab experience, even when learning remotely.
Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) involve more students in authentic research, advancing STEM pedagogy.
An authentic research experience, not a “cookie-cutter” lab activity.
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